SESSiL Background Information

The Support to Education Sector in Sierra Leone (SESSiL) Programme commenced on 13 December 2016 with the signing of the Financing Agreement. The Programme uses two complementary implementation modalities: • A Programme Work Plan and Cost Estimate (PE) of 12 Million Euro to finance a wide variety of activities ranging from delivery of pre-service training, reorganising the teaching profession, rehabilitation and upgrading the EMIS system, and the renovation and upgrading of junior secondary schools in rural areas. • Technical Assistance (TA) is provided through a Service Delivery contract between the EU Delegation and a consortium of consulting providers, led by PROMAN S.A. Highly qualified international, regional and national experts provide expertise and support to the Ministries of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, as well as the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) and Teacher Training Institutions in implementing and achieving the ambitious goals in the cooperation programme agreement between Sierra Leone and the European Union.

The Technical Assistance (TA) component started operations on 7 February 2017 and will run through a multi- annual phase in support of the implementation of the Programme Estimate (PE), which is scheduled to end the operational phase in December 2020. The PE reflects the nature of key activities and indicates their estimated costs. All activities have to be implemented during the operational period. The aggregate value of all planned activities amounts to €12 million, or SLL. 111,791,881,680.