School Leaders Commence Intensive Course

Posted By: Michael Kamara ⇒  Posted Date: 10/27/2019

16 August, 2018

Over 110 Head Teachers and other School Supervisors from various primary and secondary schools in the Bo District, convened at the Njala University Bo Campus, on the 13th August, 2018, to start a 10 Day Intensive Training Course on "Managing Teacher Quality at the School Level."

Opening the programme, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Saidu Charlie, welcomed participants and encouraged them to take full advantage of the course. "This is not just another workshop but a course aimed at building your capacities as responsible and professional school leaders," he observed. He further informed the gathering, that "after this course, you will be expected to fully understand the importance of the newly developed "Professional Standards for Teachers and School Leaders" and to train all your teachers in your various schools. The investment being made here will have a far reaching effect on the quality of teaching delivered in your schools and the country at large" he concluded.

Speaking at the same ceremony, Rev. Scott Manga, a Commissioner of the Teaching Service Commission, informed School Leaders that the Professional Standards would provide a new level of respect for all teachers and school leaders. He further provided information on the composition of the

The course which is being conducted for three professional groups of school leaders and other supervisors, will provide participants with effective skills in managing the performance of teachers in their schools and support the orientation of all teachers to the newly introduced "Professional Standards."

The programme is being replicated in Kenema at the Eastern Polytechnic, Kenema, the Ernest Bai Koroma University, Makeni and the Ernest Bai Koroma University, Port Loko Campus. The two other groups will start their sessions in all four locations on the 24th August - 2nd September and from the 3rd - 12th September.

The course will focus on the school leaders' role and responsibilities for managing teacher quality in their schools and the knowledge and skills necessary to implement a system for managing teacher quality, based on performance. The course is being implemented by nearly 40 facilitators, divided into District Development Teams, that participated in a Course Development Workshop, held in Bo from the 5 - 8 June, 2018 which also produced a " Facilitator's Guide To Teacher Performance Management". The document provides a variety of lessons, skills, tools and approaches for the effective orientation and training of school leaders and supervisors.

The training courses in the four districts are being organized by the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), in close collaboration with the Ministries of Education and with funding support from the European Union. They are part of a coordinated programme of "Support to the Education Sector in Sierra Leone" under the theme" Better Teachers Stronger Nation".
Contact: Teaching Service Commission, 7 Priscilla Street, Freetown.